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It’s a document prepared by the participants in the event organized for the #WaterOpenDay which summarize in a social media post/tweets style the thoughts, content and objectives of specific issues that are shared and discussed  in workshops and courses organized by the Water Resources Research and Documentation Center (WARREDOC) and its partners. The #WaterManifesto is an experimental scientific communication tool prepared by experts from various scientific and professional disciplines including the academia, professional and institutional sector, as well as non-experts and students, with the aim to identify the concepts and keywords that will be disseminated through social media campaigns for the involvement and participation of citizens during the discussion and the activities related to water management and environmental sustainability for the health, safety and the social-economic progress.

The first #WaterManifesto – prepared during the seminar “Digital Mapping & Active Citizenship” held in Perugia on 15 march 2017 – with an extensive multidisciplinary and multisectoral collaboration of the many partners involved is expressed on the importance of the digital/ICT, digital maps, open data, open science for the research and the scientific communication in the water and environmental sustainability sector.

Download the #Watermanifesto 2017 in all the available formats: